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May 12, 2011


Steve Last

I agree that everything possible needs to be done to ensure that the absolute minimum of food is wasted, and changing people's perception of what remains wholseome to eat, although it may not measure up to our expectations of supermarket food, would help.

However, we can also take measures to make the best possible use of food waste when it occurs, by recognising that the energy and fertiliser, plus soil structure improving by-products of digested food waste can all be realised by using the anaerobic digestion process.

Using this process to first extract the energy and then the liquid and solid/fibre residues after anaerobic digestion, to a large extent avoids the value of the food from being lost. See http://anaerobic-digestion.com for more information.

Whatever happens, in my view food waste should never be sent to landfill as its very high COD organic content adds greatly to the potential of a landfill to cause pollution, and encourage odours while still open.

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