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May 10, 2010


Pier Luigi Caffese

I propose cyanobacteria petrol bioremediation 1.500 m via bioreactors pipe studied 1500 m.
deep and a turbine pumped up biogas-biopetrol via cyanobacteria.
The best Cyanobacteria to bioremediation petrol is sinecocistis(see Asu University or
Arpa-E DOe-I propose algae reef or barrier composed algae-salicornia
plant(see Nasa) and Omega Nasa bags
long Mexico Gulf Coast.


Hello there is a great company called planetresource to fix the problem there is a frrat animation of correcting this

Vera Barbosa

Thanks for that! Maybe you should also send it to BP.

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suggestion tools that used to clean up oil spillsspills in the water and land.

Sam Turnbull

I have a solution for cleaning up miles of beaches. It is called a flipscreen. It fitts any bobcat loader or excavator. One of these machines can do the work of hundreds of volenteres.


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Great Information

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Wish it could be completely cleaned up every inch of it..

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill is now become a serious issue for world and according to me this is really a very serious problem. For last 10 years i have seen so many accidents. The main problem is associated with all the sea animals. I have seen the harmful effects of those problems. So the conclusion is, we have to think about this because it's direct attack to our nature.

Tess-carpet cleaner

That is one of the serious cases and terrible accidents that could happened in seas. Oil spill is a terrible sea pollutant and dispersing it is really hard though. As mentioned in the article, they need to used highly toxic solvents. Which means it can destroy the non-living and living things beneath.

Hoping that there could be someone who can discover an alternative procedure on how to clean oil spill like using eco-friendly materials.

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Thousands of barrels of oil have been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico every day since the rig sank. The government should pressure BP to clean this mess up because this is a major threat to our ecosystem.

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I am wondering how many more accidents we will need to finally understand that the planet is too fragile and we can easily destroy it with our own hands. The latest events in Japan only proves that point. A disaster like the one described in this article or the one that happen in Japan proves that the humanity is too immature and can easily destroy itself.

Claire Jhonson

True, this is one accident in our seas that could cause the lives of the creatures in danger. Also, people living near the affected area would disturbed. Oil spill damages everything if not given action as soon as possible. It means ending up the livelihood of those who are depending on the sea to help with family's meager income.

Amy Downs

That is a very hard thing to do. The government must take the imperatives ti clean all these oil spills. It is very dangerous to the people living near the area and who are dependent on the area affected for their living.

Steppe Shanahan

Oil spill really damages the life in the seas. Irresponsible sailors must be accountable for any oil spill they make.

Kohut Erb

Hope that the government has an immediate action on this. It would greatly affect to our ecosystem.

Morency Newkirk

This oil spill may result to damage of the marine lives which sustain the the people living in that area. The people who are responsible for this oil spill should find ways to resolve the problem because they are liable for this.

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