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August 29, 2009


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By global warming, there are not much left other doind what we can do to prevent it from further progression.

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People don't realize that every little bit counts when it comes to Global Warming. If enough of us change a few things in our lives - it will all add up. We need more and more awareness.


Its good to know that camps are held with regard to `Climate Change'.

Is Bangladesh free from water scarcity since it has vast river delta?

Thank you.

Vera Barbosa

Thank you for reading my blog and in answer to your question, unfortunately, Bangladesh is not free from water scarcity, in spite of once having around 250 rivers dotting the country. The main reason for Bangladesh's water crisis is that the country's population is growing so fast that improvement on water supply can't keep the pace. Dhaka's 12.5 million people has to rely mostly on ground water, but aquifers take decades to recharge while the population growth in the city is exponential.

Henry Postcard

I hope the effort is concretely backed up by political will, there are time when I feel companies participate in the action just for marketing purposes - it is such a shame.

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