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April 02, 2009


Carbon Advice Group


Its good news if the land in southern and northern lattitudes becomes suitable for farming and vegetation.

The scarcity of food has to be tackled, already there is scarcity experienced here in Bangalore, India, by us.

May I add that..

We’re working on a global project to demystify the carbon markets and create an army of environmental entrepreneurs. The Carbon Advice Group (www.carbonadvicegroup.com) is running a free affiliate program that enables individuals and businesses to get their own white-label website with carbon calculators and the ability for visitors to purchase carbon credits. We believe that by paying our affiliates a small commission from the sale of the carbon credits we will be able to significantly increase awareness about the positive benefits that the right type of carbon credits can bring to the communities they affect, as well as moving money from those that have it to those that need it. We see Global Warming as the greatest team challenge we have ever faced and we hope we can play a role in becoming part of the solution.”

Thank you


China is the culprit in bringing this climate change.

It has exported lots of arms and weapons to many countries of the world.

And as you said that it is better to die in a nuclear war, China will be one in the center stage for bringing in the neclear war.

Thank you.

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