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May 15, 2008


Nick Water Coolers

I saw a program on TV the other night which focused on a number of alternative fuels for running vehicles. The Government always seems to come up with the viable cost of these alternative. I think they just want to protect the massive taxes they collect on diesel! As far as importing alternative products, wouldn't we eventually get into a spiralling price rise like oil eventually (supply - demand). I think in the UK we need to find alternatives that we can produce ourselves. Who knows, someone might come up with a revolutionary product that we could Export one day - and then rip-off the countries that are ripping us off now. There's my rant for the day (sorry).

Vera Barbosa

Thanks for your comment Nick. I do agree that governments take into account the taxes they collect on fossil fuels before any consideration of other alternative fuels. However, both bioethanol and biodiesel are being produced and used in Europe, more biodiesel than bioethanol. Biodiesel accounts for more than 70% of production and consumption of transport biofuels in the EU. The European ethanol industry has just 38 plants, mostly in France and Germany, which produced 1.6 billion litres (424 million gallons) of ethanol in 2006. In contrast, the 185 biodiesel plants dotting Europe, most again in France and Germany, produced 4.5 billion litres (1.2 billion gallons) in 2006, according to Eurostat, the European Union’s information service. I do believe however there's another alternative for producing fuels for energy, which will not inflict serious damage on the environment or disrupt our food supply, i.e. microorganisms-based options. Microorganisms can convert waste biomass into methane and hydrogen gas.

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