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April 24, 2008


Chris Lloyd

For many places tourism is one of the major earners and there are also many 'Ma and Pa' tourism operators like bed and breakfast providers.


Yes, tourism is a major earner and a vital one in many areas. Bed and breakfast providers etc are what I'd class as a low-impact part of the tourism infrastructure given that they are usually people using their own houses rather than new developments. It's the overdevelopment of new hotels that often bring little benefit to locals that are more controversial, as witness the current protests at Cuzco in Peru about new luxury hotel development there.

Thanks for the comment

John Moore

Thanks for sharing. Tourist is a part of it.

Peru Tours

I agree with you, but I think if the demand for luxury accommodation is growing in Peru (a direct reflect of Peruvian economic growth that has driven more foreign investment and increased as well the touristic flow), the main problem is not to allow the construction of hotels luxurious in certain cities of the country, but under what conditions these hotels will be built; respecting the visual appeal of each city, without imposing special concession for these buildings, and to reach a clear agreement with local authorities and the population.

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