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February 26, 2008



It's good to hear BP & GM talk about alternative fuels, but 50 years to implement is too long.


Perhaps this link will spark more attention:


It is GM's electric concept car the Chevy Volt. If more people begin to demand alternative fuel cars, we should be able to speed the rate at which the technology is developed.

We have started an Investor Forum where Investors can meet and discuss topics like this:


Garko Novis

buying gas has become a major investment decision, as in "do i invest in some food so i can get thru the day or some gas so i can get where i have to go?" It should never be this way but it is. But that doesn't mean we have to just suffer. There is a real solution in Water4Gas and you owe it to yourself to check it out! http://w4g4mpg.info


Airliners on biofuel! Wow that is cool. I have a forum and blog on biofuel and appreciate the info. I'll get to blogging on this with a trackback. Thanks!


The 16 finalists have been announced for this online reality show. Looks very cool.


Run Car On Water

Here 's some information on run your car on water by using water as fuel, laugh at rising gas costs, and improve your car gas mileage.

NASA Verifies Run Your Car on Water Technology Works. The document titled, “EMISSIONS AND TOTAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION OF A MULTICYLINDER PISTON ENGINE RUNNING ON GASOLINE AND A HYDROGEN-GASOLINE MIXTURE” shows how adding small amounts of hydrogen to a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine will help the engine run leaner and reduce emissions.

run your car on water

they talk about doing this buy they need to put this in place. lets move foward and implement this.


The military adopting HHO gas is amazing. What this will do for the environment lowering the fossile fuels that we use. Using plates as a conductor not wires with HHO gas generators offers so much power for any vehicle. Cleaning the all old carbon deposits from even the oldest unmaintained engines. Using plates as a conductor can also save up to 40% gas. If you want to learn how to make a HHO generator using plates go to http://www.fuelwithh2o.com

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