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June 15, 2007


D marsden

I agree that the environment has to change as well as our behaviour to tackle the obesity epidemic in the US and the rest of the westernized world.
We have been exposed to fast food,junk food and processed foods now for decades and it's like trying to "unring a bell".
Consumers have been addicted to the convenience and taste of these offending foods and now they're told they shouldn't have them because of all the problems they cause.
Manufacturers have lead us down a path that is difficult to get off. Reaseach has even shown that the high levels of fat, salt and sugar in these foods even promote overeating.
When are we as a society going to hold the manufacturers responsible for only providing products that are highly processed, of negligible nutritional value and which even contain ingredients that in the long term can cause illness and even cancer? If you look at the increase in cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, what you have in common is the growth in processed foods.Think about it. The implications are enormous.

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