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April 12, 2007


Rick Schleicher

Thank you. As a resident/Colonial Permanente of San Cristobal, Galapagos I would like to add some points. #1 The major reason we are at the cross roads we are today is that we've had eight presidents in ten years, the majority of which have been "business" friendly and corrupt. This allowed much of the illegal immigration. Also the fishermen hold a big block of votes which has stymied intelligent fishing regulations, add to that the goverment by restricting the ways they can use their licenses has failed to provided them with alternative sources of income. We now have a president who appears to have a good chance to remain in power for his four year term. I have personally been invited and attented conferences held by the new administer of tourism, agriculture and economics. The national park has been doing research and a man from the Charles Darwin foundation came by the house to talk for a few hours the other day. The original idea of keeping the tourists on boats was a good one when there were only a few boats. Now there are more than a hundred boats which leave their trash on the islands, pump raw sewage into the ocean, rip the reefs up with their anchors, burn fossil fuels twenty-four seven, employee workers and purchase produce almost exclusively from the mainland and the majority of these are owned by people who have no connection to the islands except as a place to make money. Please, if you know anyone wanting to visit the Galapagos, ask them to do it as part of the solution, not as part of the problem. Please check out www.cometogalapagos.com

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