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April 23, 2007



I can't believe how far this food scare has gone. It's getting kind of scary!

wellness dog food

This is not a surprise. It's all about low cost (at 50 cents per hour per staff cost) for mass production by the truckloads.

Homemade dog food is the best! With commercial producers looking to cut cost and ignoring quality, our pets are being harmed!

Check out this review on canned dog food - http://www.squidoo.com/dogfoodsecretsreview/



Thanks Mason for your advice, I have used the dog food secrets review book and it is very helpful for me to understand what in it. My dog love those home made biscuits...




This is an excellent site and provides a lot of useful info.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Bruce Chenoweth

When the dog-food scare hit, I was completely unconcerned for the safety of our four dogs for two reasons: 1) We feed our dogs the home-made BARF diet whenever possible (Biologically Available Raw Foods), and, when we don't have the time or ambition for that, we only feed the Dynamite Super-Premium Diet for Dogs (http://dynamitenutrition.com) because we know the owners, and we know that they only allow the finest natural ingredients to be used in it's manufacture.

Of course, Dynamite was NOT included in the recall, nor in any incidence of ill animals ...

Bruce Chenoweth

Oops - if there is a moderator on this thread, please edit the web site URL on my previous post. The end paren somehow became part of the address, making it invalid. The real web address is http://dynamitenutrition.com (without the ")" at the end, of course...)
Bruce Chenoweth

Jolie Makes Homemade Dog Food

Like Bruce, I wasn't concerned for my dog since I never trusted commercial dog food that I make homemade dog food myself. And I think other pet owners should do the same. But I was haunted by the thought of pet owners who lost their dogs because of these irresponsible producers. I always thought it happened once and it is not impossible for it to happen again. I don't want my dog to suffer.


Natural Dog Food

i make my own Natural Dog Food treats for our one year old Labrador. I cook some organic meat with organic vegies and make a paste that I dry in the oven... they last for a long time and he absoltuely loves these healthy snacks.

valdes ana m.

soy tecnicia veterinary pero deseo saver mas de animales domesticos

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