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February 23, 2007


S.Chandrasekharan Nair

Tim Holmes,
I am a rubber farmer from India. The solution for droubt and Brown bast disease solved by my experiments and experiences. Chemical nitrogen, droubt, organic peat soil and harvesting will become a reason for deficiency of magnesium in soil. At above mentioned conditions do the needful to bring the pH of the soil above 7 (which is nuetral) by the aplication of lime and apply magnesium sulphate in summer. Metalic constituent of chlorophyll is magnesium. The photosynthesis in summer is very high and need of magnesium is more at that time. For more details visit my blog.


Since we are on the topic of rubber trees, I was wondering if anyone knows when is the wintering period of rubber trees in Thailand. How about in Malaysia and Indonesia as well, if any knowledge.


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