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January 30, 2007


foods that lower blood pressure

"Denton pointed out that during man’s evolution, the tropical environment put quite a lot of pressure on the limited amount of salt available in the diet through a diet based largely on roots"...Perhaps this resulted in the phrase "Worth his salt?"

Junk food industry loves this fact, I have to imagine. I can't fathom how much our natural salt craving means, in dollars, to snack food makers.

Sarah Mellor

That's an interesting point and may well explain why we crave salt. (I guess biochemistry determines our anility to absorb it so well to maintain cells' electrolyte balance). Is this the reference you quote?

'Dietary sodium chloride (salt), other dietary components and blood pressure: paradigm expansion, not paradigm shift.'
Stamler, J. Appel, L. Cooper, R. Denton, D. Dyer, A. R. Elliott, P. Greenland, P. Kesteloot, H. Kumanyika, S. Liu Kiang Marmot, M. Horn, L. van Whelton, P.

Acta Cardiologica, 2000, Vol. 55, No. 2, pp. 73-78, 34 ref.

I gleaned this from a search of CAB Abstracts, but if you have another source, please let me know!

I would agree that an innate taste for salt is an easy target for the food processing industry to use, given that it is a relatively cheap food preserving agent. However, I would express concern that while advice to avoid salt by reading the labels on packaging (as you so sensibly recommend on your website), it can easily be taken to an extreme and can make some groups of people vulnerable to other disorders, rather than simply protect them from hypertension. I for one would be interested to see if the medics report any improvements as a results of efforts on the part of governments' 'salt reduction' campaigns, including targets set for the food industry.

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