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January 17, 2007


Mohd Anwar khan

I don not think that wheat (PBW343) grown in punjab will be having any type of threat from Ug99 as the temperature in wheat season here never goes too much high to welcome stem rust here. Moreover we have never seen stem rust on wheat here.

Tim Holmes

I hestitate to share your optimism on that point given the information presented in Ravi Singh's CAB Review (see link in article). He claims that PBW343 is highly susceptible to Puccinia graminis Ug99. Also, the CAB Abstracts database contains a number of records for papers which reference the occurrence of the disease in northern India. Singh makes the point that the detection of Ug99 should be a reminder for scientists and farmers not to be complacent about potential disease threats.

Dr Lakshman Prasad

I have seen stem rust disease in the wheat field of My University jurisdiction area (Western Uttar Pradesh, India) frequently during last 3 years. I am in doubt about other stem rust of wheat near future. Farmers of this area grown wheat later in season, therefore, crop plants stand in field up to March-April or higher temperature. Thence, this area may be in threats of Ug99 to wheat crop varieties.

ashok jaybhaye

Are there any markers available in public domain with which we screen the lines for stem rust (ug 99) resistance.

common Japanese words

I have never heard of this type of fungus before, but losing 3 billion in crops would be absolutely devastating to that region.

D. P. Singh

Simply presence of a race of rust (Ug 99 or any other) and its entry to any country does not make any sense. It should be able to multiply at given time and space and produce multiple crops of uredospores before grain filling stage of wheat crop then only it may be considered important biotic stress. Can any one indicate the temperature range on which uredospores of Ug 99 germinate and period to produce visible sori? It is needed to develop strategies for managing any possible threat of Ug 99 in different agro-climatic zones in a given country.

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