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11 July 2016

Mycetoma finally joins the official list of neglected tropical diseases

Woman with fungal mycetoma, West Indies CDC/ Dr. Lucille K. Georg

From Harpur Schwartz, an economics/global health student interning with Cabi’s Global Health team

The Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly at the World Health Organization, Geneva, May 2016, officially recognised mycetoma (Madura foot) as one of the neglected tropical diseases, and I listened into the discussion online.  By categorizing mycetoma as a neglected tropical disease,  wider recognition of the disease will lead to a boost in the development of control strategies and tools to be implemented in the areas where this disease is prevalent.

As a student studying global health, I was a little disappointed with myself; I had heard of the other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs),  but not of mycetoma,  a destructive fungal or bacterial infection  of the foot (or limb) that results in disfigurement and social stigma, and as with other NTDs, is linked to poverty. I did not know there was a mycetoma belt with most cases reported from India, Mexico, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia and Yemen.  If mycetoma was unfamiliar to me, how many other people had never heard of this disease?  I have provided answers to some basic questions I had about mycetoma in case you too are unfamiliar with this disease.

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