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3 posts from April 2016

27 April 2016

Malaria incidence and invasive plants – is there a link?

Contributed by Arne Witt, Coordinator, Invasive Species, CABI

25 April is World Malaria Day – a time to reflect on the steps we can take to tackle this terrible disease. Much progress has been made in the fight against malaria over the past 15 years, like the use of bed nets impregnated with pesticides, but 3.2 billion people are still at risk. If we are to achieve a 90% reduction in global malaria incidence and mortality by 2030 we must do more.

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Malaria control, disasters and conflict

WHO European Region announced last week that Europe is now malaria free. This is great news to coincide with World Malaria Day this year. The challenge is to make sure Europe remains free of malaria into the future.

Europe has been declared malaria free before, back in 1975. What happened to allow it to return?

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Photo credit:CDC

Can the air we breathe be increasing our risk of diabetes?

World Health Day
this year focuses on diabetes prevention and treatment with emphasis on what lifestyle changes people can make to stop themselves getting diabetes. There is some intriguing evidence that although lifestyle factors are influential we should also be considering some other environmental factors that could be influencing the risk of disease. One of those factors is air pollution.

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