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March 22, 2016



With the introduction of electric cars and hydrogen powered vehicles, there can be a reduction in air pollution. More discoveries on clean energy will go along way to tackle this problem


Air pollution is a big issue and governments aren't doing much to solve this. So it's our turn to do something, like change our habits and try to use and promote sustainable mobility! Choosing a car also for its good impact on the environment, and not only considering price, fuel consumption and engine power, would be awsome! It’s time to make greener choices...

Benson Mwanza

Air pollution is an emerging problem which needs to be addressed as this interferes with our environment,use of petrol cars and reduction on the importation of diesel cars will alleviate this problem,electrical cars should be the way forward.


nice article!


my government should adopt this policies..

Roselyne Tiampati

Useful information


Air pollution is a global catastrophe. We need globally binding measures to reduce its negative impacts.

Geospatial &Space Technology

useful information

Geospatial &Space Technology

This was a powerful piece.

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